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Chris Boughton

Travelling with Parkinson’s Disease by Chris

14 July 2010 by Chris Boughton

I worked in manufacturing for most of my employed life in a business that served a worldwide market, 95% was exported from the UK. We designed, manufactured and sold products to the Broadcasting sector with our main markets being the USA and the Far East. I was a Director of the company for 14 years […]

Chris Boughton

The start of my journey with Parkinson’s Disease by Chris

6 July 2010 by Chris Boughton

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in February 2004 at the age of 51, following a period of at least three years of undiagnosed and worsening symptoms. On that life-changing day in February, I walked into the Consultants room with what I thought was just a limp and shuffled out 30 minutes later with a […]

Helpful information about adjusting to life with Parkinson's

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