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Chris Boughton

Paris in the Spring

22 October 2010 by Chris Boughton

It’s been a disappointing last few weeks. First of all Parkinson’s Disease (PD) conspired to keep me from attending the World Parkinson’s Congress in Glasgow, at the end of September and last week a bout of influenza (flu) kept me away from my PD forum’s most recent patient and carer Get-Together, at a hotel in the […]

Chris Boughton

The 2nd World Parkinson’s Congress, by Chris

12 October 2010 by Chris Boughton

Patients, carers, clinicians, neurologists, therapists, pharmaceutical companies, researchers, scientists and equipment suppliers, from 23 countries, all met up for four days last week at the 2nd World Parkinson’s Congress (WPC) in Glasgow. This event was last held four years ago in Washington DC and the next one is in three years’ time in Montreal, so […]

Helpful information about adjusting to life with Parkinson's

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