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Chris Boughton

Distraction Therapy

20 December 2010 by Chris Boughton

When my first son was born, 35 years ago, I was completely unprepared for the huge impact it would have on my life, both practically and emotionally. His journey into this world was not the easiest – my wife was very ill for the whole nine months of the pregnancy and then she suffered a […]

Chris Boughton

In the Bleak Mid-Winter

10 December 2010 by Chris Boughton

For the third year running, here in the UK, it looks like we are in for another bleak winter and it has started earlier this year. We have just had nearly two weeks of night time temperatures down to a low of -7° C and day time temperatures struggling to get above 0° C. Also […]

Helpful information about adjusting to life with Parkinson's

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