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Chris Boughton

Taking Control

30 March 2011 by Chris Boughton

It was my six-monthly consultation with my neurologist a couple of weeks ago and as usual I turned up armed with my meeting agenda and symptom analysis sheet. It was generally a good review, although he did tell me that he thought I had slowed up a bit since he last saw me. His suggestion […]

Chris Boughton

Real Friends

11 March 2011 by Chris Boughton

It was my birthday last week and my wife and I were invited to lunch by my oldest friends with the choice of food left totally to me. Now that’s what I call good friends! We first met as neighbours 36 years ago and although we only lived near each other for eighteen months, we […]

Briony Cooke

The Great Escape

7 March 2011 by Briony Cooke

I have just returned from a trip to Madrid with my daughter; it was a birthday present for me and at the end of a hard winter it was a welcome break for both of us. We have always been close, but had not spent much time together since she got married last year, so […]

Chris Boughton

The Seven Year Itch

1 March 2011 by Chris Boughton

Saturday was the 7th anniversary of my Parkinson’s disease (PD) diagnosis and I definitely have the seven year itch! But unfortunately I cannot get divorced from PD or even arrange a trial separation, so until a cure is found it is here to stay. In reality PD has been part of my life for much […]

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