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Chris Boughton

More Distraction

22 October 2011 by Chris Boughton

The first five weeks of my History and Sociology degree course at college are now completed and I’ve made it to the relative tranquillity of half term. But whilst I will not have to go into college for lessons this week I am by no means free from college work as I have a 1000 […]

Meg Pinfield

Sharing Caring

14 October 2011 by Meg Pinfield

No-one could possibly look after Ivan as well as I can.  That was my fear and my boast.  Who else would understand him when he struggles to explain his needs?  Who else would have the patience and kindness of a loving wife, when coping with the slowness caused by his Parkinson’s?  This was the myth, […]

Chris Boughton


7 October 2011 by Chris Boughton

I stumbled across a television programme yesterday where a famous American female actor was answering questions about her career and life to an audience of undergraduates, mostly in their late teens to early twenties. Normally I would have switched channels immediately but at the time I was glancing at a newspaper too so I left […]

Helpful information about adjusting to life with Parkinson's

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