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Chris Boughton

Amazingly Amazed, Despite Parkinsons Disease Symptoms!

16 December 2011 by Chris Boughton

The 15th of December was my last day at college until 23rd January, so the first semester is now finished. I have had my first two essays returned, with feedback and grades, and to my amazement the grades on both were very good, and in fact way ahead of my expectations. The feedback was also […]

Briony Cooke

When did it all Start?

9 December 2011 by Briony Cooke

We liked “Mr Shaky”, an elderly man who shuffled into to our classroom every Friday afternoon to collect money and stick stamps in our National Savings books. He had a crooked posture, his voice was croaky and we couldn’t take our eyes off his unsteady hands. Sticking the pretty green stamps of Princess Anne on […]

Meg Pinfield

Finding Respite

6 December 2011 by Meg Pinfield

Carers need breaks. According to the charity ‘Parkinson’s UK’, caring for someone with Parkinson’s disease (PD) can be particularly stressful. They mentioned this during Carers Week last June and based it on their survey of about 2,000 PD carers – so maybe people like us need breaks more than most carers! In my case, the […]

Chris Boughton

Sunshine in November

5 December 2011 by Chris Boughton

The history assignments for my degree are coming thick and fast, and I urgently need to get myself organised. I like to be well ahead of the scheduled submission dates just in case my Parkinson’s disease (PD) decides to give me a rough ride. I have an essay on a historical primary source (I am […]

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