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Meg Pinfield

Not-so-Blue Monday

24 January 2012 by Meg Pinfield

Our local TV station announced that January 16th was Blue Monday, the gloomiest day of the year during the bleak post-Christmas slump. Luckily it was a good day for us. We had three appointments offering help and advice for Ivan with his Parkinson’s disease (PD) symptoms and me as his carer. Normally one such appointment […]

Briony Cooke

On the Buses

19 January 2012 by Briony Cooke

I have been a regular bus user since giving up driving four years ago when I fell asleep at the wheel of my car and ended up in a hedge. Daytime somnolence and night-time insomnia are symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and incompatible with safe driving. Having surrendered my licence, I received the compensation of […]

Chris Boughton

Managing my Parkinsons Disease Symptoms

12 January 2012 by Chris Boughton

I was recently asked by a new member of the Parkinson’s disease internet patients’ forum that I administer what tips I could give with respect to trying to manage the symptoms of Parkinsons Disease. I pointed out that everyone with PD is different and there are obviously also issues concerning the stage that a patient’s illness […]

Helpful information about adjusting to life with Parkinson's

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