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Chris Boughton

Fail to Plan and you Plan to Fail!

24 May 2012 by Chris Boughton

Just one exam left later this week and my first year at college, studying for a BA in English and History, will be complete. The exam is a question on four political thinkers; Rousseau, Wollstonecraft, Mill and Beauvoir, and for the last week I have been studying hard. I am pleased to report that I […]

Meg Pinfield

The Roller Coaster Ride

17 May 2012 by Meg Pinfield

Ivan’s reprieve lasted just three weeks. Then he had to be re-admitted into a nursing home. When he returned home in early April, he was very fit. His Parkinson’s disease (PD) symptoms were well under control.  We took things easy at first; during the second week, we resumed the care plan, with Ivan going to his […]

Chris Boughton

These Early Days

14 May 2012 by Chris Boughton

Today was the May Day public holiday in the UK and my son, daughter-in-law and grandson came for lunch and stayed for nearly 6 hours. Usually 6 hours would be way past my limit for any form of social interaction without at least one, if not two, lengthy periods of bed rest. Amazingly my grandson […]

Briony Cooke

Mind Matters

14 May 2012 by Briony Cooke

Geography was always my favourite subject at school because you could sit and chat in class while colouring in the colonies on a map. Also, it was easy to get full marks if you knew your stuff; capitals, longest rivers and the number of sheep in New South Wales. I spent hours with my nose […]

Chris Boughton

Wear Sunscreen

2 May 2012 by Chris Boughton

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is known to affect the memory of some sufferers, although not of everyone. My personal logic is that if I am to be one of the PD patients who is not affected then I have to try shortening the odds. My theory is that because not all suffer memory problems, perhaps there are manageable variables for […]

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