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Chris Boughton

My Boys and Me

26 July 2012 by Chris Boughton

My wife and I take part in a weekly, local pub quiz and have done for the past two years. The number of people taking part varies between 30 and 60 people with a maximum of six participants per team. Our team comprises three English School Teachers (one currently a Head Teacher), one History School […]

Meg Pinfield

Moving On

23 July 2012 by Meg Pinfield

Three months have passed since Ivan moved into the local nursing home.  He has been exceptionally well, once he got over the initial infection which necessitated his admission. In fact, we have even considered whether he should return home to live, so quickly do the memories fade of sleepless nights and troubled days! A recent […]

Chris Boughton

Self-Pity is a Useless Emotion

17 July 2012 by Chris Boughton

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is often described as a ‘designer illness’.  This is because it causes a very wide variation of symptoms that not all sufferers experience. Whilst there are Parkinson’s symptoms that are pretty much universal, such as slowness of movement and rigidity, there are many more symptoms that are suffered by some and not by others. For […]

Briony Cooke

In Patient

6 July 2012 by Briony Cooke

The trouble with Parkinson’s disease (PD) is that it lurks; it’s always there and if we have other medical conditions, it complicates matters. I discovered this when I had foot surgery recently. We are big on bunions in our family with most of the female members afflicted. For me, stilettos had never been an option, but I […]

Chris Boughton

A Good Walk Spoiled

3 July 2012 by Chris Boughton

I finished my first year of college in late May and I do not start the second year of my BA in English and History until late September. The previous 8 months had been dominated by college and the course, especially when my wife was at work and the break has understandably left a large […]

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