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Meg Pinfield

‘Parkinson’s Plus’

26 November 2012 by Meg Pinfield

When someone with Parkinson’s disease (PD) gets older, that person is likely to be coping with other health problems too.  Ivan is approaching his 93rd birthday, and I always say he has “Parkinson’s Plus”; in his case, Parkinson’s plus heart disease, Parkinson’s plus Diabetes Type II, Parkinson’s plus arthritis, and so on. There are other age-related problems […]

Chris Boughton

Playing Hard to Get

20 November 2012 by Chris Boughton

We have had some internet problems at home in the last few months.  Our broadband download speed has been very slow and it has been a long painful battle trying to get it sorted out.  Not only has our download speed been very slow (less than 200 kbps) but we have been losing our internet […]

Chris Boughton

Back in Full Swing

8 November 2012 by Chris Boughton

In August last year I took a decision which has had a dramatic affect on my life, certainly the most dramatic since I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD) in February 2004. I enrolled on a degree course at my local college; a three year full-time BA in English and History. I was 58 years old at […]

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