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Chris Boughton

Dissertations, Presentations and Expectations

23 May 2013 by Chris Boughton

Just one assignment to hand in and the second year of my BA in English and History will be finished; well that is as long as I pass everything and do not get any referrals. I have passed everything up until now so hopefully all will be ok. My fragile Parkinson’s disease (PD) weakened ego is very […]

Meg Pinfield

The Funding Issue

21 May 2013 by Meg Pinfield

When someone gets to Ivan’s stage of Parkinson’s disease (PD), that person will almost certainly need nursing home care. As we discovered when Ivan was still at home with me, it is not possible to build in care for every eventuality. There were days when his mobility was so poor that he needed a wheelchair; other times […]

Chris Boughton

These Early Days…

14 May 2013 by Chris Boughton

My grandson is four years old next month, he starts full time primary school in September and he is more than ready for this next important stage in his young life. I recently spent about three hours looking after him while my son installed a new garden gate for us. I say I was looking […]

Briony Cooke

Then and Now

9 May 2013 by Briony Cooke

As an Easter present our children treated us all to a very welcome holiday in Cornwall. We stayed in a small coastal village where we spent many happy family holidays 25 years ago. Since then, our circumstances have changed; the three children have grown up, we have aged, I have retired, my husband has developed […]

Chris Boughton

Two Down, One to Go

7 May 2013 by Chris Boughton

Somehow the second year of my BA in History and English literature is nearly finished. I have just 4 weeks of lessons at college remaining and that is it for Year 2. During those 4 weeks I have 5 assignments to hand in and a 20 minute presentation to do in front of our class. […]

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