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Chris Boughton

Those Early Days

23 August 2013 by Chris Boughton

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD) on 26th February 2004 at the age of 51 after a very brief consultation at our local hospital. My experience of that event was much like I have subsequently read many times on blogs and accounts written by other sufferers. I was totally unprepared for the diagnosis, assuming […]

Chris Boughton

Young Onset Awareness

19 August 2013 by Chris Boughton

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD) in February 2004, at the age of 51, following about 5 years of various symptoms. I have never been quite sure, however, whether I qualify as what is referred to as a ‘young onset’ PD sufferer. There appears to be two schools of thought on what the age […]

Briony Cooke

Shell Shock

15 August 2013 by Briony Cooke

Distraction and diversion are good ways of keeping my mind off Parkinson’s and this month has been a frenzy of activity. Not only are we getting ready to move house the first time in 15 years, but to our amazement our female tortoise’s eggs, which were laid on May 10th have hatched. Over the last […]

Chris Boughton

Don’t Fight Battles You Can’t Win

8 August 2013 by Chris Boughton

I am in my 10th year since Parkinson’s disease (PD) was diagnosed and during that time I have found several fairly simple things that I can do to make my life with PD more comfortable. I know I would barely function without my PD medication now, so nothing can replace it, but my life is definitely made […]

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