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Chris Boughton

Marathon Man

18 March 2014 by Chris Boughton

Two and half years ago my son Ollie ran a half marathon, which is 13 miles, to raise money for the Cure Parkinson’s Trust. He had never embarked on anything like this before, and he had to train very hard before the event. Being the competitive beast that he is, he set himself a time target of completing the half marathon in less than two hours which, for a rookie, was a tough challenge.

Briony Cooke

Becoming a Grandmother

13 March 2014 by Briony Cooke

The most important event this year has been the arrival of our first grandchild – a boy born in mid-February. At 8 o’clock one Tuesday evening our son called us to say they were at the hospital, but the birth wasn’t going to happen quickly. Of course I didn’t sleep at all; it was a mixture of excitement and thrill about seeing this new member of the family and worry about the delivery.

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