Meg Pinfield

Meg Pinfield

I am now in my mid-sixties, and started out as a trainee teacher after which I worked in London for the Government employment service. Following the breakdown of my marriage, I left London for Sussex and took up admin-secretarial work, initially at Surrey University. I then moved to Geneva, Switzerland, where I worked for international organisations for 6 years, including a spell at the World Council of Churches. This job involved memorable trips to Africa and around Europe.

Changing direction, I next found myself in Western Massachusetts, USA, studying for a postgraduate degree in counselling psychology and working various part time administrative jobs.

However, by 1993 my ageing parents needed me, so I moved to Cornwall to be near them. It was there that I met my husband Ivan, who is a family friend and was another recent incomer, and we married in 1996. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2006 and since then I have been his carer. I have no children of my own, but I am part of a large extended family, and also share the joys of being a parent and grandparent with Ivan’s family. For light relief I am currently studying maths and painting.

Meg Pinfield

The Secret of Happiness

22 July 2013 by Meg Pinfield

For those like me who think the glass is half empty, people like Ivan have much to teach us. He faces daily challenges with his ‘Parkinson’s Plus’ (as I call it) Parkinson’s disease as well as other health problems which have limited his lifestyle as he gets older. He has enjoyed recent visits from family who live […]

Meg Pinfield

The Funding Issue

21 May 2013 by Meg Pinfield

When someone gets to Ivan’s stage of Parkinson’s disease (PD), that person will almost certainly need nursing home care. As we discovered when Ivan was still at home with me, it is not possible to build in care for every eventuality. There were days when his mobility was so poor that he needed a wheelchair; other times […]

Meg Pinfield

That Wretched Safety Mat!

25 March 2013 by Meg Pinfield

Here’s the problem: Ivan has Parkinson’s disease (PD) and he is 93 years old, so his risk of falling is great.  We have already been warned by the Parkinson’s nurse that any fall would likely compromise his long term health.  Of course, this is true for all elderly people, but most of them seem to understand this […]

Meg Pinfield

“Ivan No-Finger”

28 January 2013 by Meg Pinfield

Although Ivan has memory problems occasionally, due to his Parkinson’s disease (PD), he also has clever ways of remembering things.  We have a friend called Des who had a toe amputated.  I was telling Ivan some anecdote about Des, and wanted to be sure Ivan knew who I was talking about.  “Yes”, he said “Des No-Toe”.  I […]

Meg Pinfield

‘Parkinson’s Plus’

26 November 2012 by Meg Pinfield

When someone with Parkinson’s disease (PD) gets older, that person is likely to be coping with other health problems too.  Ivan is approaching his 93rd birthday, and I always say he has “Parkinson’s Plus”; in his case, Parkinson’s plus heart disease, Parkinson’s plus Diabetes Type II, Parkinson’s plus arthritis, and so on. There are other age-related problems […]

Meg Pinfield

Round and Round We Go…

17 September 2012 by Meg Pinfield

It seems my role as a carer is yet to come to an end.  As I have accompanied Ivan through all his experiences with Parkinson’s disease (PD), I do have some insights to offer to those who are now responsible for his welfare.  I serve as a human “memory stick”.  While Ivan happily chooses to let go of the […]

Meg Pinfield

Moving On

23 July 2012 by Meg Pinfield

Three months have passed since Ivan moved into the local nursing home.  He has been exceptionally well, once he got over the initial infection which necessitated his admission. In fact, we have even considered whether he should return home to live, so quickly do the memories fade of sleepless nights and troubled days! A recent […]

Meg Pinfield

The Roller Coaster Ride

17 May 2012 by Meg Pinfield

Ivan’s reprieve lasted just three weeks. Then he had to be re-admitted into a nursing home. When he returned home in early April, he was very fit. His Parkinson’s disease (PD) symptoms were well under control.  We took things easy at first; during the second week, we resumed the care plan, with Ivan going to his […]

Meg Pinfield

Back from the Brink

20 April 2012 by Meg Pinfield

Ivan’s joy at coming home after 5 weeks respite was marred when he discovered his bed had been brought downstairs to the living room. “I feel as if I have been written off!” I explained that, on the contrary, every effort had been made to enable him to continue living independently. Fortunately, he realises that […]

Meg Pinfield

A Week is a Long Time…

19 March 2012 by Meg Pinfield

People say that a week is a long time in politics. It seems it can also be a long time in Parkinson’s disease (PD). So much can change in just a few days. Ivan never seemed to get better from his bout of gastroenteritis, so the community matron came to review him. She came on a […]

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