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Chris Boughton

My Final PD Blog

30 May 2014 by Chris Boughton

What comes next? Well that is currently undecided, but PD is making the options narrower and narrower. Finally a big thank you to all those who have contacted me via Twitter and FB, since these blogs started. Your positive feedback has kept me going with the blog writing. I have enjoyed my 4 years blogging here, and I hope I have helped other PD sufferers and their families along the way too.

Chris Boughton

Almost Time to Say Goodbye

27 May 2014 by Chris Boughton

When I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD) in February 2004, I was already suffering fatigue episodes and finding it difficult to walk properly. On reflection, I think my illness went undiagnosed for probably as long as 5 years. Looking back with the knowledge I now have about PD, I had several classic symptoms long before a diagnosis led me to some relief via PD medication.

Chris Boughton

Moving on…

6 May 2014 by Chris Boughton

My first blog on life with Parkinson’s disease (PD) for was published in June 2010, nearly four years ago and this will be my 100th blog published here. I read back through all these blogs this morning, before writing this latest offering, to see if I could establish any trends or significant changes in my PD world since I started. Probably the most obvious and inevitable transition of change has been the progress of my illness, although this has been masked to some extent by increases in my medication.

Chris Boughton

The Race is Run

25 April 2014 by Chris Boughton

Despite his problems towards the end of the race he clearly loved the whole experience of taking part in the London Marathon. Apparently the crowds lining the route were the largest in the race’s history and I guess the sunny day was very pleasant for them if not for those taking part. In pursuit of trying to raise funds for PD research Ollie had trained for over six months by running after work, in the dark, at least three times a week. He also joined his local gym for the six months to help build up his strength and fitness. He tells me that the whole process took over his life but not in a negative way.

Briony Cooke

Deep Brain Stimulation

17 April 2014 by Briony Cooke

This week I spent two days in hospital being assessed for Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) surgery. The first day involved psychological assessment and the second day observations and videoing of my condition when I am off and on my medication. The purpose was to ensure that my symptoms would respond to surgery and that I […]

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