More on Wearing Off

How common is wearing off? 

When people have just started levodopa, the effect lasts from dose to dose. It is quite common for patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD) to experience a fading of this effect as early as 2–5 years after starting levodopa. This effect, also known as wearing off, may even develop as early as 5–6 months of starting therapy7. Close to half of people with Parkinson’s develop wearing off within 1–2 years of starting levodopa therapy, and about 90% of those receiving levodopa are thought to experience wearing off within 15 years8,9,

How serious is wearing off?

Wearing off is a common consequence of treatment with levodopa and there are many strategies to manage this phenomenon and delay the time taken for the effects of levodopa to wear off. Most PD patients who take levodopa are able to lead active and fulfilled lives for many years, even after wearing off has developed.

Management of wearing off

There are a variety of treatment methods that can be used to manage the symptoms of wearing off. Most treatments of wearing off involve optimization of your current treatment of PD to delay the time it takes for the effects of levodopa to wear off. Because every person’s situation is different, it is important that people with PD are individually assessed and treatment plans are developed accordingly. It is, therefore, important to consult your own doctor to work out a treatment plan that is suitable for you.



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